Direction Finders are used in land, sea and air applications to detect and locate transmission in the entire frequency range from 500 kHz to 9 GHz.
The main disadvantage of the narrow band system is that it is not appropriate for high speed communications due to the narrow receiver bandwidth. In general, the speed is limited to less than 9,600bps. The wide band system can reach much higher speeds than 10,000bps.
Profile: Eclipse Electronic Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and supports embedded digital receiver commercial products & related signal processing components.Our product line includes GPS time-frequency distribution cards, multicouplers, RF distribution units and wideband demodulators.
System Two: RF Receiver, External I/Q Data Storage, I/Q Data Generator and RF Generator. For long-term signal capturing and better performance of signal analysis and playback, most of the all-in-one devices are hard to meet requirements. In Figure 7, the RF receivers, such as the RSA5000 series, have small internal storage capability.