Other areas of focus include placemaking, municipal parking requirements, transportation demand management, and development review. In November 2018, the Young Professionals in Transportation organization presented Ms. Lee with the “Project of the Year” award for her extensive work on the Roslindale Dedicated Bus Lane, in cooperation with ...
The mission of the committee is to educate our USGBC-LI members and the public on the impact of transportation on the environment and best practices for sustainable transportation including the implementation of workplace travel plans that incorporate effective transportation demand management and parking management strategies.
Jul 21, 2020 · And Sriraj feels the state needs to revive the Illinois Coordinating Committee on Transportation, which, as the name implies, was created to encourage the coordination between transit services, especially when it comes to serving the state’s most vulnerable populations. He sat on that committee before, and said he would be happy to do so again.
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Coordination Transit Pass & Parking Cash-Out Study As recommended in the 2015 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Action Plan, the City of Burlington, Vermont sought to pilot a Transit Pass and Parking Cash-Out program for City employees.