This is called an equilibrium and is present in water and all aqueous solutions. When an acidic solution is diluted with water the concentration of H+ ions decreases and the pH of the solution increases towards 7.
10) In water, a substance that ionizes completely in solution is called a A) weak electrolyte.
That substance which does not satisfy the above characteristics is called secondary standard substances. Standard solution of these substances cannot be prepared by directly weighing the exact quantity of the substance and dissolving indefinite volume of solution. Example: HCl, NaOH, KMnO 4, etc. Standard solution
It forms highly viscous solutions (gels) with lubricating properties. It is located in the intercellular substance of connective tissue, especially skin, cartilage, the vitreous humor of the eye, Wharton’s jelly in the umbilical cord, and synovial fluid.